Catherine Jeanette Norman

Gaggle of Shades, Capture

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Catherine Jeanette Norman


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Size of Work 1 (Gaggle of Shades):
Height 45cm x Width 62cm x Depth 4cm (framed)

Size of Work 2 (Capture):
Height 62cm x Width 45cm x Depth 4cm (framed)

I love using watercolours because the flow of this medium is the way I feel about life, it ebbs and flows.

Adding another medium adds the depth we all have, the strength that is hiding in the shadows, gives it life.

I wish I could create more but when I snatch a moment to get immersed in creating, that is when I am me, and I love it.

My parents sent me to an Art Class on a Saturday morning up here, when I was 13, I went once. I didn’t go again because it clashed with a music show on TV, I was fangirling the host, so that was that, hmm… what could have been.

(I have never sold any work, but I would be interested in selling prints of my work, at any time)

I am a 66-year-old Local; this is my second time living here in a Sacred Place of the First Peoples.

I have drawn and painted since I was young, and I am still learning.

I create from just seeing a moment, and then I build a concept, then I create that moment.

I am a Carer, and I spend as much time as I can with my Grandbabies and between that I care for myself through my Art.

Watercolours, markers, charcoal, colouring pencils are my go-to for my joy.

I could go on and on but like all of us, who we are is infinite.