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Connecting Creatives Across the Greater Blue Mountains

GBMCAN is a network supporting a vibrant, inclusive, sustainable creative arts community
through leadership, member services and collaborative partnerships.

The Network’s Leadership Team, who sit on the Management Committee, is composed of member volunteers who are accountable for its activities and governance. The Leadership Team is comprised of company directors, which include the President, Vice President, Company Secretary and Treasurer, as well as other members supporting our engagement in various creative arts projects. All contribute to the running of the Network through the project activities they lead, or the administration they perform. Although the formal Management Committee term is three years, the practice of the Network is that all members of the Leadership Team have one-year terms and stand for re-election at each annual general meeting.

The Network operates on a co-creation model and is committed to supporting member-initiated and collaborative partner projects that maximise community engagement and benefit.


John Chapman


John Chapman will provide Legal advice and support to the Network, which is the operating name of the Blue Mountains Artists Company, a NFP Company incorporated in 2006 to support the artists and other creatives of the Blue Mountains.

John, who currently leads John Chapman Superior Sales, was a practising Barrister from 1974 to around 1977. John has since been a practising solicitor, with a specialisation in Personal Documents and related matters.

BMAC Director

Barbara Lepani


Also runs the Regenesis Collective blog.  With a MA Science &Technology Studies UOW, Barbara is a social and cultural change agent and author of three books: ‘Call of the Dakini’,  ‘Tulkus, Tertons, Turmoil: East Tibet 1855-1955’, and ‘The Regenesis Journey’. All are available on the amazon platform. Barbara has worked as a sociologist in the government, not-for-profit, university and private sectors in Australia, PNG, New Zealand and China.  She has extensive experience as a member of University, State and Federal Government committees. Barbara is also a long-term student-practitioner in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, completing a three year retreat 2006-2009. Barbara lives in Katoomba.

[email protected]

BMAC Director

Sharon Howard


Sharon Howard is an art collector and gallerist from Lithgow. Born in Lithgow and together with her husband, Ross, has owned and managed businesses in the Lithgow, Mudgee and Bathurst region for over 20 years. Sharon also has an interest in European Antiques but her primary interest is Australian Contemporary Art, which she showcases in her gallery. GANG GANG Gallery. Lives in Kanimbla Valley, Seven Valleys. Sharon is a member of the Seven Valleys (Lithgow) Tourism Committee and leads GBMCAN’s engagement with the Seven Valleys region. Sharon lives in the Kanimbla Valley.

[email protected]

BMAC Director

Tim K. Jones

Company Secretary & Exhibitions

BA Fine Art, Curtin Unit. Lives in Mt Victoria.Tim K Jones is a professional artist, who received a BFA from Curtin University followed by a post-graduate art education degree. Tim’s artworks catalogue journeys from the panoramic through to figurative works, animal images, and still life. Tim regularly holds solo and group exhibitions at leading Blue Mountains galleries. He has been a finalist in major national art prizes. He lives at Mt Victoria.

[email protected]

BMAC Director

Melissa Chambers


Melissa is an artist and poet with a long-standing career in the horticulture industry working in finance, administration, information technology and systems. She is also trained in permaculture and is committed to supporting the regeneration and permaculture movement in everyday life. Through her art she seeks to express the importance of the relationships between human spirit and the earth, the balance between yogic teaching that life is impermanent and Mother Earth ethics for people care, earth care and fair share ethics.  Melissa was the feature artist in the REGENESIS anthology of poetry, short stories and artworks published by Rosey Ravelston Books and Publishing, part of a joint project with BMCAN for the 2022 Winter Magic Revival Festival. Melissa lives in the Lower Blue Mountains area.

[email protected]

BMAC Director

Willem Hendriksen

Director, Live Music Sector

BMAC Director

Virginia Francken – Stakeholder Engagement

Virginia is a motivated business and marketing allrounder who has worked for the Federal and ACT Governments, as well as founding Latin America Alive Inc, an NFP theatre performance organisation in Canberra.  She has a BA in Political Science (ANU) and a Graduate Diploma in Public Sector Management (Flinders University) with more than 30 years’ experience in the implementation of governance frameworks, policy development and performance. Virginia is a highly skilled stakeholder relationship manager, having delivered a number of strategic campaigns, marketing plans, consultation and engagement plans as well as facilitation of corporate and promotional events at local and international trade conferences. She is currently a member of the Blackheath Probus Club and lives in South Bowenfels.

[email protected]


Jo Kot— Exhibitions & Projects

Jo Kot is a visual artist with a MA in Fine Arts from UNSW Art & Design, with further studies in Musicianship from the Sydney Conservatory of Music, which she has incorporated into her art works. She has also undertaken arts training in metal sculpture, lead lighting, and desktop publishing and design. Jo has exhibited her art in numerous exhibitions at the PCL Gallery Strawberry Hills, Sydney and various galleries in Newcastle. Jo also has an extensive background in community development and training, working in the disability sector. Jo lives in Wentworth Falls.

[email protected]

Selena Seifert  – Wild Valley Art Park Events

Selena Seifert, Bachelor of Art Education at COFA, is a multi-disciplinary artist and arts educator now running the idyllic Wild Valley Art Park in Wentworth Falls. It includes an art gallery, sculpture garden, and spaces for workshops, residencies, and yoga.  Selena has made a major contribution to the creative community of the Blue Mountains over many years, both through her own art practice in mosaics, sculpture and painting, through the various creative events which she has hosted at the Wild Valley Art Park, and through the community of practising artists at Wild Valley Art Park.

Brad Diedrich

 Website support, AV production & podcasting

Director, web & graphic designer, digital marketer, photographer and videographer with over 20 years experience in corporate, government and community/NFP organisations. Brad produces and hosts Talking ArtZ on Radio Blue Mountain 89.1FM, also available as podcasts. Brad lives in Katoomba.

[email protected]


Greater Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network – how it is governed and the team structure.


The Greater Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network (the Network) Management Committee is the leadership team, which is accountable for its activities and governance. It is made up of volunteers who attend monthly committee meetings, and each is responsible for an activity or administration of the Network that draws on their skills and interests.

The Network’s legal entity BMAC (Blue Mountains Artists Company), is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001 (ABN: 72 120 813 112). and is registered on the Register of Cultural Organisation (ROCO) which provides our tax-deductible gift recipient status.

The Management Committee must have a minimum of three Directors, comprises some volunteers who are directors and some who prefer to be non-director members. The maximum number of BMAC directors is 10, and there is no maximum for non-directors. All members of the Management Committee are responsible and accountable for the particular areas or projects they govern.

Election to the Management Committee

The standard term of a Management Committee appointment is three years; however, our practice is for all committee members to stand for re-election each year. Nominations to fill vacancies on the Management Committee come through the Chairman (President) and are considered by the Management Committee. All casual vacancies filled between AGMs are put before the membership for confirmation at the next AGM.

GBMCAN is an independent, incorporated organisation funded mainly by membership fees and run by a volunteer-based Management Committee.
Greater Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network (GBMCAN) is the trading name of Blue Mountains Artists Company. It is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001 (ABN: 72 120 813 112). The company is registered on the Register of Cultural Organisation (ROCO), page 5 of 45. For reference the Australian Business Register has the full details of Blue Mountains Artists Company, which includes our deductible gift recipient (DGR) status.

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