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Caroline Giniunas


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For me the process of creating an artwork begins by observing and thinking about the natural world.

I restore old canvases and boards


I compose the work. I mix colours, sometimes adding futher pigments or materials

I aim for a dreamlike realism in my work, I paint from reality, often using photographs, but never recreate a photo, usually adding imaginary elements.

Caroline Giniunas is a Blue Mountains artist who has always drawn and painted. She studied painting at Tafe and is also self taught.

She uses recycled materials . She has received some encouragement awards and been a featured artist in a commercial gallery.



Caroline feels that the natural world is her family and has always loved to paint and draw it.

She loves the many moods created by different light in the bush and feels at home surrounded by majestic trees, minute flowers and the primitive screeching of parrots.


Caroline has exhibited over decades. Galleries exhibited in include , The Vanishing Point, Breamar, Wild Valley Art Park, Art Galleria, Blue Mountains Creative Art Center, Blacheath Art Shed, The Edge Gallery, Gallery188.