Fiona O’Beirne

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Celestial Nymph of Love


Fiona O’Beirne has a Bachelor of Visual Arts and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Professional Arts Studies from City Art Institute (now the College of Fine Arts). She majored in Painting and Drawing.

She has been an exhibiting artist for over thirty years and has shown in such prestigious exhibitions as the Archibald Prize and the Portia Geach Portrait Prize. She also exhibited at the Blue Mountains cultural centre.

She works in a number of media including Oils, Acrylics, Watercolours and Pastels. She has also has been teaching art for about thirty years.

Her work is mainly about people. Hence it contains a lot of portraiture and genre pieces. She works from life and imagination. Her influences are wide and range from the Flemish renaissance artists to Degas and the 19th century Symbolists and Art Noveau movements as well as Asian art. Her work can be found at the following links

The celestial nymph is an apsara who endows love and harmony through her ethereal music.

Fiona O’Beirne


04 8818 8955

Size of Work
Height 48cm x Width 57cm