The Regenesis Collective has been invited by the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA) to participate in a series of online events which they are holding for Earth Laws month, this September.  To connect with this free event visit


Through the Regenesis Collective (, the Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network is telling the new/ancient story of RE-GENESIS, a way out of our dark and dangerous path of ecological and civilisational collapse. This dark path can be traced back to a foundational story of Western Culture in Genesis, Old Testament, Verse 1.26—the dangerous idea that God made ‘man’ in his own image and gave him dominion over the Earth and all its lifeforms. From this commandment came the idea that only humans have souls/minds, and therefore the ‘right’ to control and exploit ‘brute’ nature for our benefit.

18th century mechanistic materialist science, and the various waves of our techno-industrial revolutions, since, have further weaponised our alienation from nature through technological entrancement, based on what First Nations’ elder Mary Graham has called ‘extractivist logic’.

REGENESIS counters this with our new/ancient story rooted in the ‘relationist logic’ of Caring for Country embodied in First Nations knowledge systems. This knowledge has been kept alive by the arts in the songlines as a living, breathing presence in the land. This ancient story is now the foundation of the modern story of REGENESIS, informed by the wisdom of total ecological systems awareness in every cell of our being, knowing and praxis in all its multiple meanings and expressions. It is the story, which must now shape our future, as we learn how to listen to the voices of the Earth—the trees, waters, wind, insects, birds, animals and creatures of the ocean who all speak in their own languages.


Barbara Lepani (sociologist of technology futures, and writer); Henryk Topolnicki, sculptor; Sean O’Keeffe, multi-disciplinary artist;Janelle Randall-Court, Bundjalung artist and cultural change advocate; and Melissa Chambers, artist, writer and permaculture educator.