Tahlia Sun

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Moochite Magma


Sand Meets Sea


Tahlia Sun


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Size of Work
46cm wide x 92cm high x 2.5cm deep

My passion for nature and its ever inspiring beauty, my love of colour and paint and self expression combines to pour into these self reflective pieces. I love that everyone sees a different reflection within them. They are small worlds that reveal more and more each time we spend time with them. Just like nature, just like ourselves. Independent but inter-related.

New to the Blue Mountains since Covid, but forever inspired by the landscapes of this nation. Tahlia has done extensive travel across Australia and spent time in the desert and on the coast and deep in the wilderness. Passionate about nature, peoples connection to land and our unique expressions as individuals. Her work represents a deep respect for mother earth and the never ending beauty or the natural word that surround and sustains us.