Anne Bowman

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King Parrot (For the love of Blue Mountains Birds)


For me, the love of our natural heritage is something that must be fostered, and, for this to be effective, it also needs to be understood.
I believe that while we can’t but admire our beautiful birds, mammals,insect, reptiles, frogs and plants, we have to understand what they need to flourish, and how they are interconnected.This is why I value natural history illustration, which works, in conjunction with textual information, to inform people about the life behind the beauty. For example, the Conservation status of a species, and its needs, immediately lets us know if action is needed to preserve it, and/or the measures needed to ensure that it never becomes endangered.
I’m always happiest, while producing an image, if I know that it will serve to inform people about the subject, whether it’s in a book,on a sign or in a magazine, although I hope that, without text, just my picture may speak a thousand words about the importance, and beauty of our natural heritage.

Anne Bowman


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Size of Work
64cm x 64cm

Australian natural history illustrator, based in the Blue Mountains
Wrote and illustrated a children’s picture book (first time as author as well as illustrator) on endangered species which was released in June 2010, “Count Them While You Can” listed as a Childrens’ Book Council of Australia’s ‘Eve Pownall Notable Book’, 2011, and shortlisted for the 2011 Wilderness Society’s Environmental Award for Children’s Literature.

Illustrations for Australian Geographic Magazine, the Australian Museum’s skeleton gallery, ABC Book’s “The Book of Animals” , NSW NPWS, the Australian Museum’s ANH Magazine, Weldon Owen Publishing and The NSW Dept. Education’s “The School Magazine” – fiction, non-fiction and poetry illustrations.
Sign illustrations for BMCC, (including for ‘The Gully’ banner and signs and hanging swamp areas), NSW Central Tableland’s Management re. swamp lands and their species.
Biological model maker and painter for the Australian Museum, finishing artist for film “Babe 2” and commercials, illustration/model-making assistant for Jeannie Baker for her film “Rosy Dock”.
I work in watercolour, ink, pastel, pencil etc. and paper sculpture.