Melissa Chambers

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Melissa Chambers is a life taught artist that enjoys experimenting in various mediums to explore styles and expression. Recent studies with Amanda Sage at Vitra Academy online seminars in the Mischtechnik has been a beautiful way of expressing impressions of the importance of the relationships between human spirit and the earth, the balance between yogic teaching that life is impermanent and Mother Earth ethics for people care, earth care and fair share ethics.

Teacher training and courses in permaculture, yoga and personal growth are facilitating creative ways to share healing modalities close to her heart that have been instrumental in her journey.

Also being in a long-standing career in horticulture industry working finance, administration, information technology and systems to Melissa always looking for ways practically support regeneration and permaculture movement in everyday life.

Melissa desires to inspire and support others in their search for their own truth and joy. To encourage and help heal the planet and relationship between all living beings so that nature is thriving with a bright future. She endeavours to lead ethically by example incorporating principles and learning from permaculture, psychology, yoga and art.

Melissa Chambers



Size of Work 1. *
60cm x 60cm 3cm round shape