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To kick off BMCAN’s new expanding direction and the addition fo Greater to make it Greater Blue Mountains Create Arts Network, GBMCAN has re packaged the MAX concept as a website which is to act as a national directory for makers, artisans and markets and festivals across New South Wales and eventually the whole nation. Featuring listings ofall the different art forms that make up our gifted community of artists, artisans, performers, and creatives you can nopw find any artist or artisan or event and listings of events they are attending on any given weekend. With an emphasis on the Blue Mountains we currently cover all of NSW.

With the cancellation of the 2nd day of MAX22 last year of the live event last year we are committed to making the initial live event this year one to remember. We will continue with the event online, but this year we will use it to promote and enhance the llive version version of the MAX22 Xpo. 

A highlight of MAX 22 is the wonderful artisan’s market, curated by Christina Mija and Trish Fraunfelter who have workrd on multiple fairs and festivals such as the Arcadian Art trail and multiple artisian fairs throughout NSW\ Over the pastb 10 years. As well as this the virtual component on the website has the virtual feel of being held on the oval at the Fairmont resort.  With over 40 exhibitors, the fair will not only highlight a vast array of superb arts and crafts, it will also feature some of our most outstanding local and regional wine and food producers, providing a great opportunity for all our artisans to showcase their work.

By clicking through to their online presence here on the MAX22 website it is a great opportunity to discover art, craft and food available in the region and beyond, and to experience a growing cultural community which is thyen going to be on display in September, During the extended run of this website you will be able to experience engagement with the artists and artisans through similar promotions, specials and personal engagements, as well as a wealth of information about their, practices, products and artistic processes to thyen help you make a bee line to their stalls at the fair.

So, click the link below, go to the map, and begin to enjoy all that the participants have to offer.

If you are a creator and wish to join the Xpo at any time contact us at

 To find out more about BMCAN email

Blue Mountains Art & Book Trail

Blue Mountains Art & Book Trail

CALLING ARTISTS & ARTISANS Call Out for Home Studios: Blue Mountains Art & Book Trail Are you an artist/artisan ready to showcase your creativity and welcome art enthusiasts into your studio and make some sales? We’re thrilled to invite you to submit an EOI to...

Arts Projects for Individuals and Groups

Arts Projects for Individuals and Groups

This program funds a range of activities that deliver benefits to the arts sector and wider public, including national and international audiences and communities.
Grants are available from $10,000 to $50,000. Supported activities must not last longer than two years from the proposed start date.
Please read through the following grant guidelines.


The online Xpo featuring the best of the best of all the different art forms that make up our gifted community of artists, performers and creatives is available here all yeat round.