BMCAN committee members have been busy implementing a new online membership system with the aims of smoothing the joining up process, renewals handling and accepting card payments directly through the website.

Website and marketing committee member Brad Diedrich discovered an excellent online membership system through his many regional NFP contacts. Together with new Member secretary, Tim K Jones, Brad embarked on an intensive evaluation of the system followed by regular live video training sessions.

The highlight of the system for members is the Member Directory feature where you can build your profile by adding your personal information, email address, phone number, your art practice/s, artwork photos, artist text and links to your website and social media profiles.

The information automatically appears on the BMCAN website with a handy messaging system that allows viewers (buyers hopefully) to send a message that comes through to your email. Your email reply is automatically returned to the person making the enquiry via the website.

There’s a simple Share function for viewers to share your profile details on their personal Facebook or Twitter profiles (the viewer/buyer’s network of friends).

If you’re not that social, then members can opt out of being listed in the Member Directory. On the other side the coin, there’s also an option for listing your home address if you welcome visitors to your studio. For easy visitor navigation, the Member Directory will automatically show a Google map if you choose to show your home address. For your privacy the default Member Profile setting is configured to hide your home address.

While existing members won’t see the benefit of the simplified membership joining feature, they will enjoy the new easy renewal process late this year and Member Profile access for updating their art practice details.

Member secretary Tim said, “It’s fantastic news that BMCAN has integrated this leading membership technology with our website. It superseded a fairly laborious system that has stood us well in the past but is struggling with the increasing complexity of the art world and business in general.

The new system frees up an enormous amount of time for key committee members for the greater good of the network. We’re all creative people on the committee and now we’ve got a lot more volunteer time to offer the network in replacement for the old admin grind.

Time and again I see other NFPs struggling to fill key office bearer positions like Treasurer and Secretary. No doubt, it’s partly due to the burn out caused by the administrative burden of old school systems.

We’re hoping to leverage as much as we can from the membership system and there’s a couple of more features we’ve yet to implement. Hopefully this future work will reduce the admin burden on other key committee members like exhibition coordinator Deborah Sheehan, freeing her up for more vital aspects of the job.”

Brad agreed, adding, “The website integration has been very smooth and we’ve been amazed with the free training and support from the developers. They really make you feel part of the team and take our suggestions on board for future improvements.

Promoting events is a big part of my business so I’m looking forward to seeing how Tim and I can implement the event / exhibition entry fee handling capabilities of the new membership system in the not-too-distant future. It’s all a lot of work at the beginning to simplify the process in the end”.

Members will receive an email within the next fortnight containing information about the new membership system, login information and an instruction guide. Don’t be scared about the “how to” guide, it’s not difficult but some of us like step-by-step instructions.

On left - membership interface Right - website Member directory