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Blue Mountains Grammar School

During the school holidays I was lucky enough to be able to attend the National Art School’s 3 Unit Art Intensive Course. This is held over two weeks, one in July and one in September. To be accepted into the Art Intensive course students need to submit a portfolio of work and then be invited to attend as there is a limited number of places. I was lucky enough to be accepted into the Life Drawing Program. This involved drawing non-stop every day with a series of different life models. We started at 9.00am and drew till 4pm. We were taught a range of techniques and drew a rage of different models and body types over with different time periods, some being 10 min some an hour. The drawing of Tony exhibited at The Hartery took one hour, the drawing studies of hands and feet took 30 min. I really enjoyed drawing from life and using a range of media practice. One of the studies we did was a woman walking in a circle, we needed to capture motion. My drawing became an overlay of many figures with different colours. It was great fun to be able to draw non-stop and get better at it over time. I encourage other students to apply to National Arts School it’s a great opportunity.



Angus Herron

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