Alison Rose

Smug, Freeze

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‘Content’ and ‘Freeze’ are portraits of my daughter’s deaf cat ‘Winter’. On one level they are playful interpretations of her reactions to the different costumes. Yet on a deeper level they are a description of Winter’s absolute presence and response to her surroundings. She inhabits her body so fully and is so completely in the moment that often watch with fascination her simple everyday actions like drinking from her water bowl with her paw delicately resting on the surface of the water or her curling up to sleep. Her complete presence, her apparent ability to be fully in the moment is something I aspire to.


Alison’s lifelong passion for the creative arts has seen her pursue many successful ventures. Alison initially trained and taught as a high school visual arts teacher then, after having children, she developed a range of artistic businesses to fit in with raising her family; photography to greeting cards, painting and bespoke cake toppers. Engaging in further study, Alison completed a graduate diploma in art therapy in 2018 achieving a Dean’s merit award. In 2020 her ballpoint pen drawing ‘Billie” was a finalist in the M16 Drawing Prize. Alison’s Dogs of Springwood exhibition at Braemar Gallery early 2021 was tremendously successful with high attendance and sales. This body of work evolved into a pre reader ‘I Like Dogs’, delighting adults and children alike with the intricate ballpoint pen drawings of our canine friends. Alison is currently in high demand for her pet portraits and is also delving back into a former passion – ceramics.

Alison Rose


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Size of Work 1 (Content):
31cm x 10cm x 14cm

Size of Work 2 (Freeze):
Part 1 – 20cm x 26cm x20cm Part 2 – 4,5cm x 9cm x 11cm