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Liar Bird

Kindlehill Year 10 students in collaboration with Home School students are launching a campaign to reduce single use plastic. Addressing the issue of waste on Country is one aspect, another is the connection between plastic, fossil fuels and climate change.

The Liar Bird, made of recycled plastic, exposes the greenwashing that aims to convince consumers that changing consumer patterns is not necessary. The Lyrebird by contrast is an iconic Blue Mountain’s bird; a great composter and recycler within natural systems. Not only sustainable but regenerative.

Kindlehill Year 10 students together with students from the Home School network are collaborating on a project to reduce plastic in our local region. Kindlehill High School supports students to engage meaningfully with the social and ecological concerns of our time and place. Art making, critical and creative thinking are significant tools developed and practiced in this process.

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1 metre x 1 metre